Sunday, April 29, 2018

Arms Sales Between the U.S and Taiwan

Arms sales between the U.S and Taiwan has been became a huge topic for Chinese central government. After Tsai, Ing-wen took over the government in Taiwan, she continued the friendly relationship between the U.S and Taiwan. Moreover, after president Trump administration approved the marketing license required for American manufactures to sell technology to Taiwan that would allow Taiwan to build their own submarines.

It is inevitable that Chinese central government opposed the United States to sell weapons to Taiwan. Specifically, in this April, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence confirmed the U.S Department of State had agreed to grant the license needed to sell the technology to Taiwan. This makes Taiwan has an ability to build its own submarines.

As we know, Chinese government will never and ever change the "One China" policy, even Taiwan issue could not be easily be solved. Taiwan is still one of the most sensitive political issue for Chinese central government, for Taiwan, being independent is not possible under the President Xi. 

Tsai Ing-wen became the leader of Taiwan and became Chin's hostility. The reason is that she comes form the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party and was elected in 2016. Because of this, China will strengthen to overlook the Taiwan's policy, especially its military policy with the U.S. The reason is that China fears Tsai, Ing-wen push Taiwan's formal independence.

So the Arms sales between the U.S and Taiwan will really intensify the tension between China and Taiwan. Meanwhile, it also will hurt the future relationship between the U.S and China in solving the regional issues. However, for Taiwan, especially for Tsai, Ing-wen's administration, she is eager to gain more supports form the United States and strengthen Taiwan's position in the world.

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