Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aircraft carrier is not that “sexy”

Trefor Moss, who is an independent journalist based in Hong Kong and former Asia-Pacific editor for Jane's Defence Weekly, says China should concentrate its military efforts on hi-tech systems instead of spending time and money on aircraft carriers already heading for extinction.

For years, Laser guns have always played a central role in military affairs. The US military has been trying to develop Laser weapons for decades and this month the US Navy announced that it has finally produced a working Laser Weapon System.

There are several benefits of the laser weapons. Firstly, with this technology implemented, the U.S. navy would not need to load all those heavy and one-time use weapons full of their vessels. It will cut the response time of navy sharply. Secondly, this technology will save the U.S. a lot of money. It just needs approximately $40 million initial cost, and no other cost would happen afterwards because the laser weapons can offer infinite defense. Thirdly, unless nuclear, laser weapons are powerful and harmlessly. Thus, it would be used widely an effectively.

Laser weapons may need to be developed longer to reach maturity. However, with so many advantages they can bring, they deserve the time of waiting. With the rapid development of technology, the war may be totally different from now in the future.  The key to improve the military defense capability is the catch up with the technology. Nowadays, robots and unmanned aircraft have already taken place humans roles in wars. If China still focuses on the air aircraft carrier, they will fall even more behind to the U.S. 

However, I am not claiming that the aircraft carrier is completely out of date. Actually, the US recently began to build a new type of super-carrier, and will continue building them for years to come. But China has fallen behind a long-distance race in comparison with the U.S. When China complete the aircraft carrier, the technology they know would be out of date, which makes the aircraft carrier is easier to destroy by countries such as the U.S.
Therefore, China should focus on technology innovation, instead of aircraft carriers. It should also utilize its leadership in next generation warfare. In front of the future high-tech weapons, aircraft carrier is not that “sexy”.  

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