Friday, April 06, 2018

The United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard is smallest of the U.S military services and only branch under the Department of Homeland Security. Before falling under the Department of Homeland Security, the USCG was under the department of transportation. Although the USCG operates outside the Defense Department, during times of war, the President of the United States can call upon the USCG to service.

Until recent years, the USCG has been somewhat under the radar, without the flashy advertisements the Pentagon or the Defense Department runs for the three other services. However, due to the numerous unfortunate natural disasters of 2017, the USCG has proved to all, the importance and efficiency of the small but elite service. After Hurrican Harvey, President Trump described the Coast Guardsmen in Florida as "Incredible people, you've done an incredible job" while also stating, "I just want to thank you on behalf of the whole country and behalf of us. What a job you've done."  

The words of the president truly relayed the American people's appreciation towards the USCG. With the country proudly standing behind the USCG and acknowledging the group's services, President Trump's FY 2019 budget included a hefty bump for the USCG budget. President Trump's 2019 budget asks for $11.65 billion for the USCG with $9.7 billion in discretionary funding. The FY2019 USCG budget would also fund America's first heavy icebreaker in 40 years. With climate change in the arctic regions, icebreakers have been utilized by Russia and other Arctic nations to secure their territories. By developing a new heavy icebreaker, our country would also be able to further secure our territories within the Arctic and protect the national interest. The fund would be utilized to sustain the USCG mission excellence and maximize value to the nation.

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