Thursday, April 19, 2018


Image result for russia vs usaThe United States spends roughly $554 billion on their military. Whereas Russia, the next in line, spends about $69 billion. This however looks different in comparison when you know that Russia spends two percent (at 5.3%) more of their GDP than the United States. But how is this money spent between the two states. The Russian military traditionally focuses on their defensive capabilities, in order to resist foreign invasions. The United States prefers to fight abroad and is superior in offensive capabilities. Russia’s doctrine is based on quantity versus quality when it comes to defending themselves. The United States has always been in the lead with innovation and advancing their weapons and technologies in order to compete and preserve their status as a military hegemony. Which is better though Offense of Defense? Well the saying goes “the best defense is a good offense” but how does that stack up in terms of military strength. In recent years though, Russia has showed endearing signs of advancing their military infrastructure to compete with the United States. RAND Corp. analyst David Ochmanek says that “they are clearly motivated by concerns that at least locally, Russia has the potential to generate superior forces.” After essentially, starting over, they are now excelling in air defenses, submarines, and as we all know most recently in the news, cyberwarfare. They have used cyberwar tactics against the United States and closer to home in blocking information from Ukrainian military. Their overall strategic goals however, are not so aligned with the United States. Focusing more on Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, where their American counterpart is more of an umbrella encompassing the globe. This may change to a broadened sphere in the future though, as they advance and step up to a stronger geopolitical power.

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