Saturday, April 21, 2018

An Unusual Shopping Spree

Are you incredibly wealthy? Are you incredibly bored? Do you feel the need to add odd and unusual weapons to your personal arsenal? Then you have come to the right blog. While it may be difficult to purchase some of these weapons, if done properly all can be attained legally under US law. Spoiler alert: weapons of mass destruction have not yet hit the open market. With that said here are just a few non-traditional weapons a US citizen may legally own.
1.     Cannon
For the history buff. Cannons are classified as destructive devices under the 1934 National Firearms Act. Through proper channels one can be purchased legally but must be registered with the federal government.
2.     Grenade Launcher
For those who really want to blow stuff up. As long as this weapon is registered and background checks are passed these can be legally owned by citizens. However, there are limitations and the most explosive thing you can fire is a flare.
3.     Umbrella Sword
For the spy fanatics. Remember those secret agent movies where the protagonist modified an every-day umbrella into a death machine? As long as you don’t live in New York, Massachusetts, or California you could add purchase one. Don’t expect any new models, the only legal ones are those that are over 100 years. Still, it makes for a nice antique.
4.     Flamethrower
For the pyromaniac. If you have a knack for all things fire you’re in luck. Certain types of flamethrowers can be purchased by civilians but the process can be difficult. For citizens, flamethrowers primarily serve a purpose as a tool in agriculture and firefighting missions.
And there you have it. A few unusual weapons that are legally available to private citizens in the United States. While these are controversial for many it is interesting to see just how far one is willing to go to express their 2nd amendment rights.


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