Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worst Analogy Ever?

"Just as an apple pie needs all the right ingredients to be good, the Defense Department needs the contributions of each service to succeed, the senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told airmen, soldiers and sailors here today. "

You decide:

“You put the Army in, and let’s say that’s the apples, because it’s the largest service,” he said. “Then you put the other services in -- they could be the cinnamon, the sugar, the nutmeg or whatever you like in your apple pie. You cover it with the Department of Defense, which is the crust, then you bake it and you bring it out.

“If you’ve got all the ingredients right, you’ve got a good apple pie,” he continued. “But if you take out one of the services -- one of the key ingredients -- you have something that might look like an apple pie, but when you bite into it, it won’t be as good.”

(This is almost two years old, but still amusing)

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Frosty said...

If not worst, then still WAY up there.