Thursday, March 26, 2009

Israel Bombs Sudan

According to Haaretz, Israel had just bombed an Iranian arms convoy in Sudan. Haaretz is calling for more of this, to show the Iranians that the Israelis are not afraid of them. I have to think that this sounds like a horrible idea (who in the world thinks that Israel is afraid to use force?) I'm more interested in the overall fallout from this--Sudan is a sovereign state that Israel is not at war with nor has had hostilities with in the past. Even if the convoy was headed to Gaza, as has been suggested, what justification does Israel have for such an act?

I hope it's not just post-electoral posturing, as Haaretz argues. But I can't think of any better explanation.

UPDATE: Israel has not confirmed responsibility for the attack, despite the Haaretz report. Moreover, it apparently happened back in JANUARY, but is just now coming to light. This is extremely confusing.

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