Friday, February 13, 2009

Dirty Bombs and Terrorists

It looks like the FBI have found a guy who had everything ready in his house to construct a "dirty bomb". However, they had nothing to do with capturing the guy. And guess what? Not an Islamic terrorist.

James Cummings was a white supremacist/neo-Nazi who hated Barack Obama and had bought up 4 lbs of depleted uranium and 2 of thorium. Moreover, he had gallons of would-be chemical explosive to help him detonate it.

Why is we're now safe from him? It was because his wife had become tired of years of abuse and killed him.

What's my point? We worry so much more about foreign terrorists, when (excepting 9/11, obviously) the most dangerous terrorists we've had in this country have long been domestic ones, particularly white supremacists. Most of the terror operations that have been busted since 9/11 have been white supremacists.

The other question does a guy get that much radioactive material without red flags going up SOMEWHERE?


M.B. said...

this after the story about the guy caught with a gun, trying to "deliver a package" for President Obama.

God knows this crap probably isn't going to stop anytime soon. Thank God the Secret Service is badass.

Frosty said...

Which, considering their main job is stopping counterfeiters, is kind of odd.