Monday, April 28, 2008

Pakistan Problems, Con't

Since September 11th, the US has given Pakistan $10 billion in aid. Despite this, Al Qaeda's influence has not lessened, and, in fact, US intelligence officials say that the group is now stronger than it has been in years.

The most current agreement with the new Pakistani government "would require the tribes to expel foreign militants, cease their own attacks and kidnappings, and allow freedom of movement to the Frontier Corps, the local security force. The deal also calls for an exchange of prisoners in return for the gradual withdrawal of the Pakistani military from part of the tribal region of South Waziristan."

So far, the deal has caused the mastermind of Benazir Bhutto's assassination to demand that all of his forces cease actions.

Still, it has been reported that US officials are not fond of this deal. Despite pouring tons of money into the country, the US has not come up with a better plan. A congressional investigation found that the US failed to come up with a "comprehensive plan," that is, one that involves diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement and economic aid. Officials in the American embassy in Islamabad said that the US's over reliance of military interventions in the region is because of "a lack of a more comprehensive counterterrorism approach."

The administrations inability to deal more effectively with Pakistan is another example of its struggle to effectively fight COIN in the region.

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Anonymous said...

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