Thursday, May 05, 2016

A “Real” Twitter War- Or At Least A Twitter Raid

To mark the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the CIA has decided to replay the operation in “real-time” on Twitter. On Sunday May 2, on approximately the same timeline, the agency gave its 1.3 million Twitter followers a behind the scene look at how the assault unfolded.

“To mark the 5th anniversary,” the CIA explained,”we will tweet the raid as if it were happening today.” You can go to the link here to follow the action.

I know that a lot of media attention has already been given to this raid, including news articles, books and movies, but I believe this is taking it too far.  To me, this gives away too many tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)?  Additionally, its callousness trivializes war and death. This was a clandestine mission now being broadcasted on Twitter by “the most secretive spy agency” in the world. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

In this day and age of instant communication, the public’s insatiable hunger for secrets (both personal and governmental) and the government’s transparency, where will it stop? Will it get to a point of real live-streaming of operations from a “Go-Pro” camera on a special operator’s helmet? Will the decisions of what targets to hit come from a “vote by text” similar to what is on “American Idol?”

I understand the need to celebrate the greatest victory in the Global War on Terrorism, but I feel this is setting a precedent that we will regret. If this “Twitter raid”  by the CIA is successful then other branches of the military and intelligence agencies will follow each, having to push things further and further to get the same audience attention. Just look what happened to “reality tv”: We started with “Survivor” and now we are at “Naked and Afraid.” The same escalation will happen on CIA TV.

Let’s leave the Twitter Wars to the Kanye and Taylor.

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