Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Program! Get yer program for the biggest fight of the century!

Recently RIA Novosti published a map outlining possible targets in Iran for Israel to attack if/when they finally decide to do so.  It's a pretty handy program for the ball game of Israel versus Iran, identifying strike spots and the teams' lineups of weaponry. Here's the graphic:
Likely Scenarios for Israeli Attack Against Iran

This map is an interesting geopolitical document.  Of course, coming from Russia, the tilt is towards Iran.  The labels of the weapons lineups indicates the weakness of Israel and the strength of Iran.  On the Israeli side: "Israeli Weapons" and "US Weapons needed by Israel."  Not "US Supplied Weapons" or "Combined US/Israeli Weapons".  On the Iran side: "Iranian Air Defense Weapons Representing a Threat to Israeli Aircraft" and "Iranian Air Force Aircraft Representing a Threat to Israeli Aircraft".  None of the labels is neutral.  Also, the layout of the lineups gives a visual indication that Iran's forces are larger than Israel's, even with US backing.

Do not consider the numerical lineup of the strike zones as a ranking.  It is simply the map maker assigning a number based on locations going from West to East - closest to farthest for Israel to hit.  If the locales were ranked, obviously #7, Isfahan, would be number 1, as it is the Nuclear Technologies Center - the core of the atomic program.

All in all, an interesting graphic that shows Russia's not-so-subtle preference for Iran.  Go team!

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