Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korea & Iran: Playing With Things that go Boom!

With the failed launch of the Unha-3 rocket by North Korea yesterday, the international community now has one additional state that is violating UN restrictions; the North Koreans are now once again gaining attention for their missile program and the Iranians are gaining attention for their nuclear program.

One has to give the Obama administration credit for the manner in which both these issues are being handled, previous administrations might have already decided that the threat of either of these rogue states possibly possessing weapons of mass destruction (or working to develop them) required a full-scale invasion.  It appears that the Obama administration is looking to avoid acting unilaterally and will truly keep invasion as a last-resort-option, this will help improve U.S. international ties and prevent the U.S. from entering another costly armed conflict unless absolutely necessary.

At this point the U.S. reaction to North Korea's missile launch has been only condemnation and to cancel its deal with North Korea to provide food aid; a deal that was reached just weeks ago in which North Korea agreed to not launch any long range rockets or undertake any nuclear tests in exchange the U.S. would provide much-needed food aid.

Meanwhile, about a quarter of the way across the world, Iran continues its development of a nuclear program.  Despite repeated warning from the U.S. and the UN, as well as offers to provide material enriched to reactor-grade levels, Iran remains determined to continue development.  In response the U.S. has placed ever-increasing sanctions on Iran and has recently accomplished getting the international financial clearinghouse, SWIFT, to reject transactions attempting to enter or leave Iran; this accomplishment will increase the effect of sanctions placed on Iran and we could possibly soon positive results out of Iran.

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