Sunday, November 06, 2005

Magic Shield

For years, there has been talk of a new Chinese ship protection system similar in capabilities to the American Aegis combat system. I, for one, have been skeptical. Whenever someone describes something as the "Chinese version of" something else, it is wise to be skeptical. Betel nuts (a nasty carcinogen) are commonly described as "Chinese chewing gum," for example. You can rest assured that any food described as "Chinese hamburger" or "Chinese pizza" will taste like your left shoe. If it tasted good, they would be proud enough of its Chinese origins as to tell you its Chinese name and encourage you to pronounce it (wrongly) at least ten or eleven times.

Why is all this nonsense relevant to this course, you might wonder? It turns out the reason the weapon system in question, the "Magic Shield," is described as Aegis-like because IT IS AEGIS! It was built using American blue prints. Four people out on the left coast have been selling China such defense secrets since 1990, according to this Washington Times article.

Also revealed were secrets about the Virginia-class attack submarine and they may have revealed information that would help China attack American aircraft carriers.

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