Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Does anyone else think this situation is crying out for a steel cage match?

Mexico has recalled their envoy from Venezuela after insulting comments aimed at el Presidente Fox by Venezuelan President Chavez. The two countries are on opposite ends of the spectrum over the United States' proposed Free Trade of the Americas. However, often times leaders can still act professionally even if they fundamentally disagree on an issue. Well, not in this case. Apparently Chavez said something about Mexico and Fox demanded an apology and then Chavez said something about Fox. Maybe these guys would feel more comfortable on Laguna Beach.

This situation may be amusing but it's also a little worrisome. The idea that two important countries in Latin America could de facto cut off relations simply because the leaders don't get along seems juvenile. Fox's demands seem a little stiff, especially since Chavez has a proclivity to run his mouth. Apparently this time Hugo found someone to take him seriously for some reason other than his oil.

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