Monday, May 01, 2017

Trump's First 100 Days

Build that wall, label China a currency manipulator, and pull out of the TPP. One of these 100-day promises is not like the others. Ah yes, it's the one that was actually accomplished. Good thing it was one of the worst decisions that our president could make. However, that's an entirely relative scale. He could back up and start to go on that tirade where he commits some crazy war crimes.

Regardless, the man had some pretty lofty goals for his first 100 days. Usually, that period is when a new president experiences some pretty incredible numbers in popularity. Trump, however, is leading the pack in some unconventional numbers, like the number of executive orders signed (more than thirty of 'em) and party divisiveness (88% of republicans approve, 82% of democrats don't).

That might not sound like success to the layman, but don't tell the president. He's declared his first 100 days in office a rousing success, and anyone else that denies that is clearly fake news. The
"mainstream fake news CNN Buzzfeed" movement has clouded the American public's view of the president with complete nonsense like this:

Trump says that America has rarely seen the success that he's produced in these first 100 days. Maybe that's because we haven't seen any success. He said China was a currency manipulator and then decided he didn't want to say that anymore. He said we can't get involved in Syria and then he "bombed the crap out of them." I'm not advocating for anything here; I'm just saying that we STILL cannot trust anything this guy says to be fact. He's got an uphill battle to gain the trust of anyone outside of his administration, much less the American people.

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