Monday, May 01, 2017

Trump and Kim: A Friendship Story

President Trump has stated that he would be honored to meet with North Korean premier Kim Jong-Un, but only under the right circumstances. Additionally, Trump extended a controversial invitation to Filipino leader Rodrigo Duterte. It does not seem as though trump has a solid understanding of the American image in these regions. Trump has not taken hard stances on many international issues during his presidency. His flip-flops range from Syrian intervention to getting along with China. His actions are indicative of a rather short-sighted policy stance. He is willing to meet with world leaders who have expressed or engaged in behaviors violating international human rights laws. Do his actions indicate a complicity with the behaviors of these leaders and their actions? One would hope not, but who is to know with the least orthodox presidency in decades.

The President's past praises of leaders like Vladimir Putin and even Kim Jong-Un call his judgment into severe question. When pressed on the issue of admiring Putin, Trump considered Putin to be a better leader than former President Obama. The fact that such statements came from the now-President of the United States is a frightening realization, considering the war crimes committed by the Putin regime. Trump's praise of Kim was that Kim must be smart if he could assume power so early, but he came into power because he was in a line of succession, not due to any of his own merits. Trump's unawareness is almost staggering. His reliance on aids and other staffers in order to maintain even an inkling of knowledge on pertinent issues certainly spells issues for the future of American foreign relations. Trump is a foreign policy neophyte and does not realize what is internationally acceptable. Hopefully, the international community does not take him too seriously when he says politically blasphemous rhetoric, such as a willingness to host the premier of a nation who has held American hostages for years.

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