Monday, May 01, 2017

Player 3 Has Entered the Game

The Izumo - Japan's biggest warship

As of yesterday, and amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, Japan has ordered the dispatch of Izumo to protect a US Navy Supply vessel in the Pacific. The Izumo is Japan's biggest warship and has allowed Abe to flex his muscles on the deteriorating Korean peninsula. Some have argued that the legislation erodes Japan's postwar pacifist Constitution, and may lead Japanese troops into overseas military actions for the first time since WWII. The operation is also the first of its kind since Japan passed laws last March expanding the role of its military. 

Tokyo could have sent a smaller destroyer to help out in the peninsula. However, right wing nationalist Shinzo Abe saw an opportunity to send something much bigger that he couldn't pass up. Under the legislation passed last March, Japan can protect the weapons and equipment of its allies protecting Japan. It can also shoot down a North Korean missile headed for the US. Finally, it can provide logistical support to allies involved in situations with "important influence" on the Korean peninsula. 

As mentioned, Abe has undergone a lot of criticism for his hawkish interpretation of Japan's pacifist constitution. With President Trump in power, this combination of hawkish personalities may turn a cold conflict into a hot war. Player 3 has entered the game and in doing so has spiced things up.

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