Monday, April 14, 2008

Wollt ihr die totale Friedenssicherung?

Citing a recent increase in violence, German Army Chief of Staff, Wolfgang Schneiderhan, is requesting reinforcements for that nation’s 3,500 strong NATO contingent in northern Afghanistan.

According to Schneiderhan, Germany’s deployment, which more accurately numbers around 3,200 presently, is ‘stretched to the limit.’ He expects German trrops to face more attacks in their zones of control in the northern region of Afghanistan, which had until recently seen relatively low levels of violence.

As 26 German soldiers have been killed and dozens more wounded during the occupation of Afghanistan, German public opinion can be expected to resist an expanded presence in country, however Germany’s decision to stick to the still-less-violent northern regions should help mitigate the public’s objections.

The good news is, Schneiderhan is lobbying the German government for a larger deployment, showing that at least the Germany Army is committed to the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Hopefully, the German regime will heed his advice and step up its troop levels to meet the growing challenge posed by the resurgent Taliban rather than passing the buck to other NATO allies.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree more!! Those pansy Germans have been “passing the buck” on for way too long! Its about time they revamped their military and finally developed some offensive capabilities. We have all heard in class how they are incapable of flying at night etc. That’s just ridiculous. I say screw the concerns of fellow NATO members and allow the Germans to fully utilize their economic power to develop a modern military and thereby fully support the current situation in Afghanistan!