Monday, March 30, 2020

Hybrid Warfare

What does the future look like when it comes to war? With the influence of technology, wars cannot stay status quo, but we are not yet ready to fight an all-out new age war. While we are progressing towards a new type of war, we are in the middle of a transition, and this in itself has created a new kind of war. This new war is a mix of the old ways and with the help of technology plus new arenas. Many have deemed this new type of war Hybrid warfare—a war where that combines the conventional and the unconventional to achieve objectives.   
The world is seeing more and more uses of hybrid warfare in the form of cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and information operations. But still, these attacks are only like a teaser of what is to come. Hybrid warfare is not a new technique, but nations are using it at greater and more profound levels than ever before. We live in the information and technology age, which makes the tools of hybrid warfare stronger than they have ever been. Hybrid warfare is most useful to countries that are not large enough to confront countries like the U.S., but it is also valuable for the fact that it is not as costly: it costs less money and fewer lives.  
The U.S. needs to be ready to fight this type of war. The key to this type of war is adapting and modernizing and adapting in the form of using more of the unconventional methods and reducing the amount of large scale troop movements. Also, with modernizing, the U.S. needs to further the work of incorporating technology into our forces.  In 'hybrid' warfare, old school military tactics are used and just integrated with the new technology. The U.S. could have a significant advantage in this since we have a well-trained military. The transition to technological warfare needs to happen sooner rather than later as we prepare for new types of war.

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