Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 26: The Future of War

Hey all,

Here is the link to today's PowerPoint presentation, also available on the right sidebar.  And here is the link to the audio version of today's lecture; I've been struggling a bit to get an annotated video version into a reasonable file size.  Let this post serve as a comment thread for questions and discussion about the lecture; I will create another post for question and discussions regarding today's student presentation.




The Bull Moose said...

more just a statement, it says a lot culturally that the Soviets saw the combination of comms, information tech, and precision guidance as revolutionary while the US saw it as evolutionary

Robert Farley said...

Dima Adamsky has a great book on this; "The Culture of Military Innovation"

It discusses how RMA thinking filtered through Soviet, American, and Israeli military thinking. Good, short, easy to read.