Friday, April 14, 2017

Immunity, Shmimpunity, I say

The year was 2016. One campaign aide to future-president Donald J. Trump who aspired to a position of prominence within the new administration was unafraid to join the "Lock Her Up"-ers when he stated that, on the topic of aides with information on Hillary Clinton's private email server, "When you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime." That person was Michael Flynn, former (light emphasis on former) National Security Advisor to President Trump. Flynn is now asking for immunity in exchange for testimony regarding Russia's communications with top White House officials. A growing fervor among politicians and political analysts alike surrounds this developing investigation into Russia's pull within the new executive administration. What's more is that Trump himself actually supports the plea for immunity, stating officially (in his twitter) that the investigation is a witch hunt concocted by the liberal media in order to detract from his infant presidency.

Shock and awe come over the crowd as Trump's executive branch turns inward on itself. Who could have possibly seen this coming? In what crazy universe do incredibly rich and/or self-serving individuals get into fights over other incredibly rich and/or self-serving individuals? I simply could not anticipate this outcome.

One wonders if this could even be a ploy coming from Trump himself. "Hey Mike, listen, I know a guy in the CIA. Just take a small fall for this, you'll get immunity, and I promise to tell everyone that we're the true best friends of the White House. Forget Pense, you and I are the real Obama/Biden." "Gee, okay boss." The only other explanation would be that Trump has nothing to hide.

Or he believes he has nothing to hide.

Two completely different things.

The bad news for Flynn is that investigators seem uninterested in taking him up on the offer. The investigation seems to be continuing a direction of non-bias (gasp) and potentially even pursuing evidence-based claims instead of:

Now with Flynn "out" and Steve Bannon on the fritz, we will all certainly be on baited breath to see how Trump reconfigures this wondrous and enigmatic machine that we call the executive branch.

Can't wait.

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