Thursday, February 04, 2016

United States Seeks to Strengthen Europe & North Korea Has Big Plans

President Obama's plan on sending more weapons, armored vehicles, and equipment to NATO countries will send a signal to Russia that will likely anger Putin. To refresh, NATO's military alliance of twenty eight countries does not include Russia but includes Turkey, whom Russia has had some recent quarrels with. This conflict with NATO has been going on a long time, especially during the Cold War and most recently the Ukraine crisis.

During President Obama's last year in office he plans to make some major moves. By sending more equipment his goal is to reassure United States' NATO allies while also suggesting to Russia that they are on thin ice. However, in order to successfully complete this goal, sources say that the United States is expected to request $3.4 billion for military spending in Europe. This is an extremely large amount, so large that it is four times the amount that is currently being spent there. The aftermath of this decision will certainly result in a panic mode by Russia and a very furious Putin.

It is no secret that President Obama's plan is filled with hopes of increasing the United States' military effectiveness in the region. Keeping this in mind, it could make Russia do something drastic or it could signal to them that it is time to stop with the negative rhetoric and the like.

Meanwhile, North Korea is making their own 'strides' in how they seek to improve military effectiveness. And in Kim Jon-un's terms that means that they want to launch a satellite to expand their space program. Thus, the United States and other members of the international community are once again questioning the nation's motives. This isn't an unreasonable reaction considering that North Korea has a well-known past of not cooperating with others, which is why The United Nations forbids them from using ballistic missile technology.

To summarize, North Korea has been trying to expand and strengthen their nuclear program for a while, last month saying it tested an H-bomb (which was quickly disproved). These claims made by North Korea, which are clear violations of sanctions, is the main reason why the United States and the rest of the international community think they are doing this as a cover up to expand their missile program. If this is the case, and this is actually what is happening then the United Nations will have to impose stronger restrictions on North Korea, and how they react to these restrictions will most likely not be fun for anyone.

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