Thursday, May 05, 2011

Final Exam

Defense Statecraft Final Exam

May 5, 2011

Please answer one of three questions, and return to Dr. Farley by 4:30pm today.

  1. Under the aegis of NATO, military operations to protect civilians continue in Libya. Please evaluate the costs and benefits of conducting a war under the control of a major international organization relative to a unilateral intervention.
  2. Four days ago, President Obama authorized a Special Operations Force mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. In terms of their utility as tools of military statecraft, compare and contrast SOF with strikes by manned and unmanned aircraft. In what context should a policymaker choose one over the other?
  3. The time frame for developing new advanced weapon systems can now be measured in decades. Many defense analysts, however, have argued that we now live in an age of uncertain and unpredictable threats. What are the implications of this apparent contradiction for military procurement, doctrine, and grand strategy?


Anonymous said...

This(yours) is good sir.

Fowl Ideas said...

I strongly suspect that there is something wrong with this planet.