Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mr Valla, the all knowing.

Mr. Talibani, This blog is a place where people can make and argue points, no matter the topic. If Mr. Valla and I want to continue this, then so be it.

Mr. Valla,

First off, you call me out on changing my arguments; just know that it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind. I can argue for us to restrict those rights that we enjoy so much till I turn blue. It will do no good.

"You don't fight the fights you can win, you fight the fights that need fighting!"
---The American President

I agree with this statement, that is why I have been so adamant in what I have been saying.
However, I am not an idiot, I know that my argument will fall on deaf ears, such as your own. Might as well argue for what I can get. If you want a mile, an inch is better than nothing. It may look like flip-flopping to you sir, but it is changing focus. Focusing on the possible, not the impossible.

The statement "living document" was borrowed from Justice Scalia, I was not pulling it out of my ass, as you indirectly suggest.

The document was written by a committee; I yield to you on that. However, even committees have intentions and meanings in what they produce. You ask me "is there a particular reason you think yourself able to divine the thoughts and motivations of centuries-dead politicians", well I can ask you the same thing. How do you know that they did not leave the document open to interpretation? Again, do you think it only right to bear arms when in a state militia?

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