Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Check Point in Iraq

After the discussion in class, I found this clip online.


It was brought up that it is easier for Iraqi citizens to affiliate with insurgents with the same skin color than American soldiers. Obviously, the ideologies don't mix well, but are we really so different as this video depicts. Do our soldiers really behave this way, and if so, how do they expect to win?

I would make the assumption that this is a depiction of a small cross-section of our force that lacks respect for other cultures and harbors racism deep within. The Army pushes institutional values from the day a soldier enlists. The Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. If each soldioer understands, or is at least eductated, that Respect is due not only to one another in uniform, but also to those that they serve, and those that they fight against, then this video poorly describes, as most media outlets, the actions and behavior of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our troops must be better trained to deal with the Iraqi people than this, or our news would be even more cluttered with stories of American atrocities in Iraq.

I am certain that soldiers must be stern and suspicious when running these dangerous traffic control points in Iraq. After all, checkpoints can't all be as comfortable as this one...


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Editor said...

It's high time we paid more attention to our shocking lack of anti-Funk counter-measures. For too long, Funky thugs have threatened to "tear the roof off this sucka' without the American people taking notice. How many Disco Infernos must we suffer before the American people open their eyes and face the amassed armies shaking their Groove Things...Yeah-Yeah