Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Perpetuate This?

You may be right that this money is well deserved ant they should take the money and run like a bandit. However, why should they have the right to receive when others do not. Often soldiers are wounded, captured, tortured, put in front of television cameras, and made to do horrible things; these soldiers do not receive one penny. What makes these fifteen so special. Because they were caught up in an incident that had less to do with them, then with the Iranian issue and the rest of the world.

I agree, these soldiers went through a lot. But if you start giving these soldiers money due to their unfortunate situation, then you should give every soldier their fair share for their situation. This does not make them special. What about the crewmen aboard the US spy plane that made an emergency landing in China, did they receive anything?

Unfortunately there are situations, such as these captured fifteen soldiers that the attention of the world. The rescue of PFC Jessica lynch made headlines world wide, why; because she was a female captured in a combat zone?

This is unfortunately the dilemma that we run into, not so normal situations occur that brings about the worlds attention. Lynch is one issue, the captured British soldiers is another. But this just shows every other soldier that had been through a major ordeal of their own that it is not important, as serious, nor does it compare to these other situation. Why should we perpetuate this? Why tell all these brave soldiers that what they went through does not earn them one more penny of pay, when these others are getting rich over their headlined ordeal?

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The Prince said...

I agree that the perception created by paying these soldiers for their story is one that might detract from others who are doing their job for no additional funds. However, to be upset with the soldiers who take money for their stories is idiotic. If anything, you should argue against the capitalist system that bolsters this perverted perception of life and war. Because if I were one of the soldiers not getting any money, I certainly wouldn't be upset with soldiers who actually made a little on the side legally, in fact I would be happy for them.