Monday, April 10, 2023

Reducing US Hypocrisy (Ukraine War Leak)

 In light of the leak of US and Ukrainian documents, there's been much talk about the contents of the documents, yet, out of curiosity, I had attempted to find images of these original files but a thorough scan of the internet via computer browsers have yielded little to no results and search results are flooded by commentaries, media reports and other miscellaneous results. 

My first reaction to this finding (or lack thereof) was disappointment. But a bigger question emerged from this and that is: despite these documents already being leaked, there appears to be much toil to scrub the internet of these original images of documents. Why is this the case? What is the US government trying to achieve by working closely with tech companies to reduce the amount of primary information? Is this nefarious? And how does this affect the international scene (and your personal reflections) on how the US basically censors the internet and no one even points this out. 

What is worse is the hypocrisy of the US government in light of this development. Any educated student is informed on moments of US failure to uphold its own standards (legal or moral), yet this is exactly the ammo the Chinese government uses to discredit the US on the international stage or to diminish their own crimes. No major consideration of this is being discussed among the "educated" academics of the US; its always pondered with no action. 

Every state will fail at times and that is inevitable, yet there is a necessity to be truthful and honest (especially with your own citizens) in a democracy (that is, if you think you are a democracy). This is hypocrisy and unfaithfulness; it's abuse of power and against humanity. 


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