Sunday, April 05, 2020

Frontier Services Group

Frontier Services Group, a PMC founded by former Blackwater president Erik Prince is training Chinese military members in Beijing's International Security Defense College. Prince, a recurring Fox News contributor and cunning businessman started the company a few years after cutting ties with Blackwater.

As of 2018, Frontier had trained 5,000 Chinese military personnel, 200 plainclothes police officers, 500 SWAT specialists, 200 railway police officers and 300 overseas military police officers. China is undoubtedly the United States biggest strategic rival so his move has sparked controversy in Washington and beyond.

Prince says that his venture is "not a patriotic endeavor, but an effort to build a great business and make money doing it". It still begs the question of whether US training expertise should be exported to our greatest rival. Prince sees himself as an international-business man and has developed a cult of personality in both China and the US. Perhaps this kind of PMC transnational shifting is a product of a more globalized world. It is still a concerning development. There are over 5,000 PMCs operating in China and they have used foreign expertise in a rather cunning manner as they expand their influence around the globe.

Good Post article delving into the specifics of Fronteir in China;

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