Sunday, March 25, 2018

Will Nukes and Automation Keep Military Personnel out of Space?

As automation becomes solidified as the new wave of the future, and human input is being minimized in so many job fields, does this mean that Trump’s “space force” of human soldiers is unlikely to see the light of orbit? Yes! Of course it does! Maybe?

This is all predicated on the idea that non-space based nuclear proliferation doesn’t destroy us all before we get to fighting in the final frontier, which is definitely possible. Let’s not think about that though, and just love the bomb. On the off chance that a certain reality TV show star and a certain “rocket man” don’t start WWIII with their nuclear weapons, it is entirely probable that mankind looks to weaponize the stars. Classic humans.

There are an infinite number of ways that this could flesh out, but as it stands currently, the most likely first step is automation of weaponized machines operating from space. Rods from God is a great example of this, a non-nuclear weapon of mass destruction that doesn’t violate any treaties.

The alternative is much more fun. Mars colonization and Moon colonization require boots on the ground, and although it looks likely that private businesses will reach it first, NASA and CNSA have recently gotten on board and the US and China are in a low key Mars race.

Will automated machines and nukes keep us out of orbit? Or will we stall proliferation long enough to fight wars on Mars?

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