Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Android Completes Basic Training. Vague Human Emotion of Pride Reported.

As smart phones continue to expand the way with which American consumers check their Facebook, play online Scrabble, or generally ignore people on public transportation, this revolution begs the question: Can we weaponize this technology?  Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES.  According to Reports, the National Security Agency (NSA) has created a version of the Android tablet that is suitable for combat.  Dubbed the Security Enhanced Android, or the SE Android, this device promises to radically overhaul the ability of combat troops to find adequate dining experiences on Urban Spoon in even the most extreme combat situations.

In all seriousness though, the technological revolution within the defense industry continues to churn out important advancements in devices with enhanced capabilities in communication and global positioning systems for individual soldiers in a battlefield setting.  When and if this new Android is released, it will replace the Nett Warrior End-User Device, a 5 lb wearable computer system with eyepiece display, a system largely known as unwieldy and difficult to operate.  As a common element of modern life in the United States, the National Security Agency hopes the new Android powered devices will transition seamlessly in the hands of U.S. troops.

While we discussed the use of commercial smart phones by soldiers overseas, largely within the context of incriminating pictures or videos stored on the devices, commercial smart phones obviously lack the encryption and security requirements necessary for combat use.  As a Linux based OS, the NSA was able to make the necessary security adjustments for the SE Android, and is looking to install it on Atrix smart phones and Galaxy tablets.  Furthermore, advances in battery technology have increased the length of usable charges, increasing the viability of smart phones in a battlefield setting.

With a myriad of functions and capabilities, each SE Android will effectively serve as a communication device, GPS, video camera, and can even be used by Team Leaders and Squad Leaders to locate each individual soldier, in real time, during raids or other combat situations.  By increasing the available amount of data to soldiers on the ground, as well as helping coordinate communications between different squads, smart phone technology aims to significantly increase the effectiveness of the troop’s ability to conduct successful operations and, most importantly, will be a crucial tool for saving lives.

With tests still ongoing, the SE Android poses to be a significant building block in the technological revolution going on in military circles.

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