Monday, February 04, 2008

Freedom in China (as posted in the New York Times)

This video was posted in the New York times on 2/4.

Apparently the Chinese secret police have this man under house arrest apparently for political dissidence.

Although this deals more with internal security matters, it begs the question: Should the US be preparing to defend against a regime so ideologically different than ours?

How extensive is the Chinese Intelligence apparatus and how much presence do they have within our own borders?

The scene showing the secret police blocking the Hu's wife's exit really is disturbing.

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Montey Bukler said...

I'm not sure the first question makes sense. Is it asking whether we should be prepared for combat with China because it is a country with a different economic/political system? Do you mean Communist or Confucian? How would it affect military conflict if China was communist, democratic or monarchic?

Still, I suppose you can say that a strong, authoritarian country can continually throw away thousands of infantry without problems, while a democracy will not tolerate extended combat resulting in excessive casualties. Is that what you're asking?