Thursday, January 17, 2008

And I Hear He Once Killed a Bear with His Bare Hands

David Petraeus and I wear the same running shoes, but the similarities end there. Runner's World, via Danger Room:

Today, he arrives for his workout at precisely 6:30 a.m., ready to hit the road in his New Balance 992s and an Army T-shirt. The subject quickly turns to running. "When we bring a new guy in, I take him out for a run," says Petraeus. "I'll go out hard, then ramp it up around five miles to try to waste him"... Of the 21 soldiers who began the 5.7-mile loop, only four (including Nordby and Martins) hang with Petraeus to the finish. He comes in at a pace under six minutes per mile, impressive for a guy with a metal plate in his pelvis and a gunshot wound on his chest (courtesy of a training accident).

I often force my graduate students to hold to a grueling 6 minutes per kilometer pace, sometimes for as long as two kilometers...


Ale81 said...

I think we'd all be that fast if we were perforated and made of steel.

Weaponizing Axl Rose said...

I concur. The general is a cyborg, and this is why he lacks emotion