Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Final Exam

Defense Statecraft

Spring 2007

Final Exam

Please answer one of the following three questions. Your answer is due by 2:15pm today.

1. Evaluate the Revolution in Military Affairs. Is there really a revolution, or as some commentators have argued, are we merely seeing an evolution of technologies and tactics? What are the international political implications of your answer to this question?
2. The United Kingdom is currently evaluating the purchase of a pair of new aircraft carriers (to be equipped with the F-35B Lightning II), and a new group of nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The former would constitute the primary expeditionary capability of the Royal Navy, and the latter the central nuclear deterrent of the United Kingdom. If the UK could only afford one set, which would you recommend, and why?
3. Various pundits have argued that the United States military is incapable of carrying out competent counter-insurgency operations. Is this an accurate assessment? If so, what is the problem, and can it be solved?

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