Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not Exactly Aquafina...?

At its annual convention later this week, the Association of the US Army plans to showcase a new technology that promises to turn fuel exhaust into water. The Army has invested $3 million dollars in contracts for two technologies: one a powerful dehumidifier that extracts water vapor from air (even in the desert) and water producing Humvees. Some of the research began right here in Lexington at UK's Center for Applied Energy Research.

The Army hopes that these additions would account for no more than 20% of the vehicles costs. Current costs will have to decline in order for this to be a reality. Of course, there are numerous challenges in utilizing this new technology, but if it works, water producing Army vehicles could drastically aid in the logistics behind providing soldiers with water. Currently, the Army utilizes deployed soldiers in transportation of water and other essentials...utilizing this new technology could perhaps reduce those logistical resources.

Read more about this very interesting new technology: J. Lynn Lunsford, "Alchemy in the Desert?" Wall St. Journal, Tuesday Oct 4. A17.

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