Monday, September 05, 2005

Presentation Schedule

This is developed from the preferences I have received thus far.

Week 3: Open

Week 4: Evan Robertson

Week 5: John Fitzpatrick, Ryan Consaul

Week 6: Devon Miller

Week 7: Jacob Correll

Week 8: John Drury, Alan Patterson

Week 9: Ryan Quarles, Chris Pullela

Week 10: Matt Krebs

Week 11: Erin Hottel

Week 12: Doug Myers

Week 13: Jeff Greenberg

Week 14: Will Marshall

Week 15: Joey Hickner

Everyone thus far has received their first choice. If you have not submitted preferences, please do so ASAP. Those weeks with two presenters listed are to be considered closed. Also, on week 4 we will have only one presenter.

Finally, please note your presentation date, because after I get everyone set up, I plan to delete this post.

Have a good Labor Day!

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