Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Should We Trust Israel and Allies With Our Tech?

Israel is perhaps the United States' strongest ally in the world, and we share much military tech with them to aid them in our alliance. Much of this tech is exclusive to Israel, as the United States does not share the same level of technology with other countries that are not as closely aligned. With this, there has been the understanding that the military tech that was sold exclusively to Israel was meant exclusively for israel.
For some time now, however, Israel has been passing this military tech on to China. This brings up many questions for the sales of arms coming out of the United States, and harms the relations between US and Israel in terms of arms sales. If the United States is not willing to sell a certain piece of equipment to China, but will sell to Israel, should the United States change its policy based on past sales from Israel to China?

It certainly means the the US has to be more careful with sales, even to its allies. If there is a piece of tech we’re not willing to let China or other non-allies have, we should seriously reconsider how we distribute that tech to our allies.

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